How to achieve 360-degree protection for your property?

In a perfect world, there would be no doors, no locks and keys; but unfortunately, the world we live in is far from perfect. Every day hearing about the rising instances of crime on the news - burglaries, break-ins, assault – can be quite intimidating! These are uncertain times; it’s natural to feel vulnerable, exposed and in constant fear of becoming the victim of a crime. Before you end up becoming a mere statistic on the news, it’s time to take action and give your property a security upgrade. There are ways you can fortify the security of your home and make it foolproof against intrusions – and we’re going to tell you how. If you’re looking for 360-degree protection for your property, there are five important things your home needs to give you the security and peace of mind you need and deserve.

Here at Dayton Ohio Locksmith, our expert commercial locksmiths in Dayton, OH know exactly what it takes to enhance the security framework of a property. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can achieve foolproof security in your property:


#1 Start with the basics: Doors and windows

Those charming French windows or a rustic wooden door might look appealing, but how well do you think they’d hold up against a forced entry attempt? Frail doors and windows can be easily manipulated to gain entry into your property. So, before you dive into enhancing the security of your space, start with the basics. Ensure doors and windows used are of the highest caliber and can withstand heavy force. Opt for heavy-duty and durable options to ensure optimum protection to your property.

#2 Protect all entry points

Next, once you’ve installed the best quality doors and windows, ensure you’re also fortifying all the possible entry points into your property. It’s easy to neglect the back door or a small overhead window but it’s likely to be a loophole in your security framework. Whether it’s the garage door or your basement attic that provides access to your home, it’s vital to amp up the security of any and all entry points. Consider asking commercial locksmiths in Dayton, OH to fortify all your access points. You can do this in numerous ways; installing security grilles, buzzer systems, magnetic locks in Dayton, OHand much more

#3 Consider changing or rekeying locks

If you’ve just moved into a new home or have rented an apartment, there’s a high chance that the keys to your front door could be in all the wrong places. Ex-tenants, owners, contractors, construction workers, security guards – there’s a chance a copy of your key is still circulating around. Do not leave any room for chance and get your locks rekeyed or opt for a lock change in Dayton, OH right away! This will render any keys useless and guarantee foolproof security!

#4 Give your locks an upgrade

It’s time to bid adieu to your conventional locks! While they may seem to be in perfect condition, old locks are quite easy to manipulate. Modern-age miscreants are one step ahead when it comes to cracking conventional deadbolt locks or any other traditional lock systems, so it’s wiser to ditch the old and bring in the new. Advancements in the locksmithing industry has resulted in innumerable innovations and new-age locking systems, that are designed to provide foolproof security. From magnetic locks in Dayton, OH to electronic locks, there are a wide array of options that can ramp up the security of your space. So, make sure you call Dayton Ohio Locksmith Company for a lock change and give your locks a complete transformation.

#5 Consider investing in advanced security systems

The humble lock may not fare well against the smart tricks a trained intruder might have up his/her sleeve! This is why, it’s vital to go above and beyond your basic locks and consider investing in security systems that will elevate the security of your space. Replace your old locks and opt for advanced magnetic locks in Dayton, OH. You can also add a further layer of protection by installing buzzer systems that will immediately raise alarm on any suspicious activity detected on your premises. With tremendous advancements in the security and locksmith industry, it would be prudent to make the switch and leverage the cutting-edge innovations that can enhance the security of your home, and offer you 360-degree protection.

How to get started?

Now, that you know some of the key aspects involved in elevating the security level of your property, it’s time to give Dayton Ohio Locksmith a call. Our expert residential and commercial locksmiths in Dayton, OH have profound expertise in security upgrades. Once you give us a call, an expert will arrive at your doorstop to give you a complete assessment of the current security setup in your property, post which, you’ll be provided with the best recommendations to address any security loopholes and amplify the security of your space.

If you want to feel safe, protected and secure, Dayton Ohio Locksmith is right here to service all your security upgrades and general locksmith requirements. From changing locks to installing magnetic locks in Dayton, OH, we do it all! So, give us a ring today at 937-668-8222 and watch how our experts take your security level from mediocre to foolproof!