Commercial locksmith services cover a wide range of requirements from small scale business owners to large commercial spaces and establishments. It can get as varied as one could possibly imagine. Hence, Dayton Ohio Locksmith is an expert when it comes to catering such services. The diversity of commercial locksmith services asks for experts in this field; hence we have been in the front league in offering such services. Over a long time span we have provided our services in the following sectors:

  • Financial establishments
  • Healthcare centers
  • Pharmacy and medical utility centers
  • Parking lots
  • Hotels, motels, and resorts
  • Academic institutions like schools, colleges, universities, and libraries
  • Apartments
  • Restaurants, pubs, leisure places.

What makes our commercial locksmith services the most sought after in Dayton, Ohio? Our locksmiths are well trained professionals using state of the art machinery and industry knowledge to tackle any security related situation. Our brand name resonates among the best of business locksmith services with an infallible success story. Call us at 937-668-8222 for your any commercial locksmith requirement. We provide free consultation by experts and offer customized solutions.

Our main services include:

Repairing Damaged Locks and Lock Installation

Dayton Ohio Locksmith provides impeccable assistance when it comes to repair or replacing lock systems in commercial spaces. A malfunctioning lock in a store or office can cause inconvenience to a large group of people, hence the service must be catered with expertise and a sense of urgency. Commercial establishments also need high alert security for protection against theft. Our technicians can repair locks in no time and when required, such as in case of worn-out locks; provide a suitable replacement.

Advanced lock systems

Today’s latest technology provides lock systems that are foolproof with better security than ever before. Using upgraded lock systems like digital locks, biometric locks, cam locks and others in the business set-up can ensure high degree of security to the commercial establishments. Our expert locksmiths at Dayton Ohio Locksmith can provide the best solution available in the market for full fortification. We can ensure that your business establishment has the best advanced lock set up that cannot be breached and provides up to date security features.

Key-related services:

A master keying or master rekeying is often required in business establishments for restricted access to different staff members. We provide manufacturing of master key systems that can be delegated to different people in an establishment with different accessibility. We also provide key replacement and duplication and repairing locks damaged by broken keys. For complete key-relating services in commercial sector, we provide a one stop solution.    

Safe/cabinet locks

Cabinet and file storages are often a company’s safe keeping storing vital, confidential information. Such safe storages need extra security with special locks that are strong and not easily broken. Dayton Ohio Locksmith specializes in such cabinet and safe locks which provide buffer security to important document storages.

Emergency exit locks

Every organization is required by law to have emergency exits. In case of a fire, earthquake or terrorist attack, such exits are of prime importance. Proper locks are thereby needed for security exits and such pathways are usually kept apart from usual passages of commute. Push bars and panic locks are imperative in emergency exits and need to be installed properly and need periodic maintenance for upkeep. We specialize in emergency exit locks and provide complete service relating to it.

Our services for commercial locksmith requirements include:

  • Dayton Ohio Locksmith Kettering,OH 937-668-8222Commercial lockout assistance
  • Lock installation
  • Master and sub master key system and rekeying
  • Maintenance and service contracts for commercial specialty locks
  • Key replacement, duplication and rekeying
  • High security locks
  • Upgrading lock and key system
  • Push bar, panic lock installation, maintenance and replacement
  • Magnetic locks
  • Cabinet and file locks
  • Emergency services
  • Non duplicable keys

Dayton Ohio Locksmith is the leading choice for commercial locksmith service in Dayton, Ohio area. We have our expert locksmiths available 24/7 distributed over a wide network of coverage in the Dayton, Ohio region. For any security needs for your company or business establishment, reach out to us at 937-668-8222 and experience our professional services.