A guide to different types of locks for your home or office


Even though locks are the most important security mechanism in our homes and offices, we hardly ever tend to replace or upgrade them with time. According to various surveys, thousands of homeowners in Dayton, OH have not changed their locks in over a decade. The logic is simple: If it ain't broke, don't fix it”. But do you know that locks that were manufactured in the previous decade are a delightful sight for thieves? That’s because they are quite easy to pick and hardly pose a challenge against a seasoned burglar. In fact, houses that persist with old security mechanisms are always at a higher risk of getting robbed than those that have switched to new, advanced locks. It is understandable why people are circumspect about overhauling their security. Mostly, the concern arises from the fact we just do not know enough about what is out there. The lack of knowledge prevents people from upgrading their locks, thereby increasing the risk of disastrous consequences in the future. With basic knowledge of the type of locks available in the market today and a helpful locksmith for guidance, you can decide which one suits your needs the best and consider replacing your existing security system. From helping you find the best deadbolt locks in Dayton, OH to explaining the various advantages of smart locks, Dayton Ohio Locksmith is your one-stop-shop for all your lock-related questions. Not only do we help you find the best locks that suit your needs and budget, but also help install them at your property at highly affordable prices. Whether you need master key system for your office, a new buzzer system at home, a smart garage door lock, or a basic deadbolt lock in Dayton, OH, just give us a call anytime on 937-668-8222 – our 24x7 helpline number.

Before you make the decision to upgrade your locks, it is important to have a fair idea about the various options available in the market. Here’s a brief guide to the most popular door locks in use today and how they work:

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are the most common type of traditional locks that are fitted on the front door and operated by either a key or thumb turn. These locks offer adequate protection against a break-in since their locking mechanism can thwart physical damage, battering, hammering or any other kind of attack from a sharp tool. Deadbolt locks in Dayton, OH come in various types, such as single-cylinder deadbolts (used from one side via key), double-cylinder deadbolts (used from both sides via key), vertical deadbolts (lock moves up & down instead horizontally), etc.

Knob locks

These are common locks that are typically recommended for interior doors. In this type, the lock cylinder is located in the knob instead of the door and is activated when one turns the knobs. Since they are easy to break using a heavy tool, you should typically use them for bedroom doors, kitchens, study room, etc.


Unlike the previous two locks, padlocks are detachable locks that are not attached to the door and are therefore portable. They come in various types, shapes and sizes. Typically, they fall in the category of either keyed or combination. The universal design of a padlock is quite recognizable since every padlock consists of a block of metal with a U-shaped bar attached to it. Though they are quite sturdy, padlocks are usually meant for interior doors, garage doors or lockers.

Mortise locks                

Mortise locks are powerful front door locks that are part of an extensive lockset that provides excellent security and reliability. The lockset can either contain levers or knobs and is cut into the door or piece of furniture into which the lock is to be fitted. Due to the mortise (rectangular-shaped hole), the locks are hidden from sight with only the key hole visible from the outside. With both light and heavy-duty models available in the market, the locks are optimum for both residential and commercial security. Plus, they can be fitted into various types of doors.

Smart Locks

With the advent of technology and a greater need for convenience, most people are now switching to smart locks that can be operated through a smartphone or biometric readers. These electronic door locks allow people to operate their front door locks using their phones, even if they are sitting hundreds of miles away. This also means that people do not need to worry about the hassle of carrying or losing a key. door. Keyless locks usually sit outside the door frame and require a power source and battery.

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks eliminate the use of keys and are operated by a numerical keypad that is attached to the door. These locks do not have a standard cylinder mechanism, which makes them more difficult to be breached unlike traditional locks. Plus, since they eliminate the use of keys like smart locks, you don’t have to worry about losing keys or getting the lock rekeyed. Keypad locks are powered by a battery source and typically use deadbolts, knobs or mortise for the actual locking mechanism.

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