Your 5-point cheatsheet for hiring the right locksmith


We live in an age where the service industry has become more accessible to us than ever before. Back in the day, both the demand and supply of abled technicians were fairly limited and restricted largely to the local community. Today, you can search for the finest talent online with a simple Google search and even rate the companies/technicians based on your experience. Locksmithing, a craft that has been in existence for centuries, is also part of this new era of digitalization. Today, you can search for all kinds of commercial and residential locksmiths in Dayton, OH by simply hooking up to the internet. Unfortunately, there are some things that Google will not tell you. Experience is always subjective, and one person’s delight could well be another’s dilemma. Hence, it is always essential to choose a locksmith based on a few personal observations. For instance, you must always go for a certified locksmith firm and avoid those advertising cheap services in plainclothes, especially if it is an intricate job involving high security locks. You should also make sure to ask the right questions when the technician shows up at your door and look for any signs of evasion or dishonesty in their answers. A few simple observations go a long way in helping you hire a quality locksmith who can be your professional partner for years to come. If you are looking for a good residential locksmith in Dayton, OH itself, you can always choose Dayton Ohio Locksmith – a premier locksmith company that has been in operation for many years and is trusted by countless customers for their myriad needs.

Let’s go through 5 things all customers must look for in a locksmith, and things they should most definitely sidestep …

Solutions … not issues

It is the fundamental job of any locksmith worth his salt to provide the best possible solution to a problem. However, many locksmiths out there end up exacerbating the issue than mitigating it. For instance, some locksmiths would coax you into going for a full lock replacement when a simple rekeying can do the job at a fraction of the cost. Others scare their customers into making needless security changes just to earn some extra cash. Being a customer, it is not always easy to tell the right from wrong. However, you can look for a pattern if the same locksmith keeps detecting more issues than what you originally had. In case you don’t trust them, feel free to get a second opinion to make sure. You can always call Dayton Ohio Locksmith at 937-668-8222 for a quick inspection at a time of your convenience.

Answers … not questions

While hiring a locksmith, make sure that you are the one asking the questions, not the technician. Unpolished locksmiths always bombard their customers with a series of questions about their security systems and intentionally use technical terms to confuse them further. A professional locksmith will always restrict his questions to the basic details and never use jargon that goes over your head. Instead, they will patiently listen to your queries and answer them as clearly as possible.

Results … not promises

You will see almost every locksmith promising “highly competitive prices” or “round-the-clock” services nowadays. In fact, even regular locksmiths now boldly advertise themselves as “highly-rated” emergency locksmiths in Dayton, OH.Truth is, you should not trust any locksmith at face value. The moment you call a locksmith for an emergency, they must be ready to dispatch a team over to your location within minutes. If they advertise something on paper, but request a long waiting time in reality, it means that you have fallen for a cheap trick. Similarly, professional locksmiths have the tools and expertise to provide a range of solutions at the site – from lock change to key creation. Unfortunately, those who just wish to acquire customers by any means possible usually show up unprepared, wasting the time of their customers.

Transparency … not dishonesty

Did you get an official quote about the estimated cost of service beforehand? Has the technician visiting you appeared shifty about the total cost of the job? Are they avoiding your genuine questions about the cost by saying things like “we will only know after the service is done”. Such things are clear red flags indicating the unscrupulous nature of the locksmith firm you’ve hired. Professional firms like Dayton Ohio Locksmith always draw up an estimate quote before starting the service and seldom deviate from the cost. Not only this, we keep our customers in the loop throughout the service and make sure that they are fully aware of all aspects of the job from start to finish.

Lastly, expertise … not inexperience

Imagine owning a business in the city and somebody recommends a locksmith for security upgrade at your establishment. You find out that the company provides only residential locksmith services in Dayton, OH but is ready to take up the job. Would you hire them? When it comes to hiring a good locksmith, expertise is highly critical. Whether you need a specialist automotive locksmith for your car keys or an experienced commercial locksmith for your office locks, you must always go for those who have a deep understanding of the line of work.

Fortunately, Dayton Ohio Locksmith not only provides top quality residential locksmith services in Dayton, OH but also caters to business and automotive clients! Learn more about our services by dialing 937-668-8222