Why you should be wary of locksmith scams in US


Locksmith scams have been on the rise for many years. Deceitful and dishonest technicians are always on the lookout for customers in distress following a lock or key related emergency. Once the customer reaches out to them thinking they are calling a genuine firm, these unscrupulous technicians get to work. They locate the customers and quote a huge sum of money, taking advantage of their plight. Left with no other option and desperate to get back on the road, customers often end up paying up to thrice the amount of money for a shoddy, patchwork service. Here are some of the risks you face if you get in touch with a scam locksmith firm …

They can damage your locks

A scam Locksmith Mobile Service in Dayton, OH is basically an unqualified technician with rudimentary skills. They can get you out of problems such as lockout or fix a broken lock but do not expect finesse in their service. Plus, if you have smart or advanced locks, then it’s like giving a smartphone to a chimp! If you do not want your locks and keys to be damaged or their lives shortened due to the rough services provided by these technicians, then always try to find a genuine locksmith firm.

They will quote extra money

The modus operandi of a scam locksmith relies on the fact that a customer in need will be willing to pay any amount they quote as long as they can help end their woes. This means that even for a simple service such as lock repair or lockout assistance, they will quote an exorbitant amount of money. Most customers stranded due to a car lockout or in distress following a break-in do not have the bandwidth or the mental capacity to haggle over prices and end up paying exactly what is quoted to them.

They will attach hidden costs to the bill

Even if these locksmiths quote a nominal amount initially just to trick the customers, they will end up inflating the bill with all kinds of hidden charges. This may include emergency fee, which is the imaginary cost quoted by scam locksmiths for providing “doorstep services” or offering locksmith solutions beyond standard business hours.

They may suggest unneeded repairs

Scam locksmith will often push for unrequired repairs so that the customer would cough up more money. They will say that your locks are damaged beyond repair or you may need a brand new key, forcing you to avail a service you did not need in the first place. Plus, it is impossible for a common man without expert knowledge of locks and keys to tell whether the repairs suggested by the technician are actually needed or not.

The question is: How do you dial a Locksmith Mobile Service in Dayton, OH and be sure that it is not a fake one. Fortunately, there are some giveaways that can help you tell a genuine Locksmith Mobile Service in Dayton, OH from a fake one.

Attention to detail : Reputed locksmith companies that are in operation for many years are always brand conscious and make sure their technicians look the part on the field. These locksmiths always arrive with a proper toolkit, complete with a neat uniform displaying the logo of the company prominently. The van in which the locksmith arrives is also fully equipped with the brand’s logo on the side door or rear window. This can help you tell whether a locksmith who has turned up represents a genuine company or not. Scamsters usually do not bother with these small details and show up without uniforms. They often carry a couple of tools without a proper briefcase. These are telltale signs that you’re dealing with a fake locksmith.

Credentials : A genuine locksmith will always carry the certification from a grading agency, which means they are practicing professionals who are qualified to handle your locks and keys. If the locksmith hesitates to show you the certification, then you can consider it a big red flag.

Payment mode : Usually, scamsters insist on cash payment only to avoid falling into the dragnet of authorities. The mode of payment is entirely the discretion of customers and no locksmith can force you to pay in cash only, whatever excuse they may have.

Cost estimate : Scam locksmiths avoid giving a written breakdown of the service cost because they intend to inflate the bills with hidden costs after the work is done. Always insist on getting a cost estimate before the service begins.

Research : Last but not the least, you must carry out some research if time permits to establish the veracity of the firm. Check reviews on websites like Yelp and even seek references from friends, neighbors and relatives. This small effort can help you avoid a big scam and pick the right kind of locksmith for the job.

Of course, if you need to be 100% sure, then dial Dayton Ohio Locksmith.

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